How To Take Screenshots in Windows 10

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Screenshots come handy several situations. And so here we are to find out how to take screenshots in Wndows 10. We all like to take screenshots of something to save for the future and to show others. It helps when one is creating a step by step tutorial. Other than this, there are many more ways in which taking a screenshot is useful. So we show you the different ways to take screenshots in Windows 10. Read on.

How To Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Using PrntScrn Key

Simply press Windows Key + PrntScrn button which is generally present between the F12 and Scroll Lock button.

Screenshots taken using this method get saved in the PNG format in the C:\Users\YourUserName\Pictures\Screenshots folder. This method also works in Windows 8.1.

Take screenshot of active window

To take screenshot of the active window in which you are working, press Alt + PrntScrn. Your screenshot gets copied to the clipboard. Now open any photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop or simply open MS Paint and press Ctrl + V. Save it using a desired name.

Using the Windows 10 GameDVR functionality

For the first time since release of first Windows version, Microsoft has included the option to record gameplay footage and take screenshots using a built in app. The captured footage or screenshots gets saved in the PNG format in C:\Users\YourUserName\Videos\Captures location.

To do this, open the Xbox app and open settings from the hamburger menu. Go to GameDVR tab and enable “Take screenshots using Game DVR”.

Now is the tricky part. Open the game or window of which you want to take a screenshot and press Windows + G. Click on “Yes, this is a game” when prompted. Finally press “Win+Alt+PrtScn” or click the Camera icon to take the screenshot.

These are some of the ways to take screenshots in Windows 10. It’s always better to use the default functions to complete the tasks such as this.

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