Tales of Berseria Secret Trophies List

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Tales of Berseria is RPG developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game released for PC, PS3 and PS4  in January 2017. It is the 16th main entry to the game series. This secret trophies list guide provides all the Tales of Berseria secret trophies.

Tales of Berseria Secret Trophies List

Velvet Crowe: Task: Proof of seeing the end of the tale. Now you can go another round or aim at completion!

Code Red? More Like Code Dead: Task: Proof of conquering every Class 4 Administrative Zone. Yeah, you can brag about this.

Emergency Management: Task: Proof of hunting every last code red daemon. You’ve brought an end to that battle.

Pirate Legend: Task: Proof of sailing every water and discovering every treasure. There’s no stone in this world you’ve left unturned.

The Howling Calamity: Task: Proof of the will to finish the fight against the exorcists. Once all is devoured, it will be done.

Ultimate Stress Relief: Task: Proof of relaxing to the max in an unusual bath. The relief has washed away all memories of clearing the hidden dungeon.

A Promise Made: Task: Proof a promise was made between the reaper and a fighter. You can be sure that promise will be fulfilled.

Backtalker: Task: Defeat the dire foe, Bacturnian Man. You can walk away happy now.

Bee Stinger: Task: Defeat the dire foe, Queen Bee. Discretion is the better part of valor, but failing to escape is just fate.

Dawn of Darkness: Task: Proof of witnessing and overcoming the dawn of darkness. But beware, for a turtle never forgets.

Enough Monkeying Around: Task: Defeat the dire foe, Sacred Baboon. Where’s the fun in being polite all the time?

Follower of the Creed: Task: Proof Eizen has settled one score. But there are still payments to be made. That’s part of the creed.

Hanging with the Hanged Man: Task: Defeat the dire foe, Hanged Man. You’ll always have a friend nearby.

Hope Surpassing Reason: Task: Proof Eleanor found her answer. She sees with her own two eyes now, but where is her gaze fixed?

I’ll Take My Board: Task: Proof of unlocking every geotree. Can you do any sweet tricks on that thing?

Katz Person: Task: You must really love katz to have collected so many katz spirits! That’s the spirit, meow!

Magilou’s Magnificent Menagerie: Task: Proof that Magilou’s Menagerie performed perfectly. A capacity crowd! A standing ovation! No refunds!

Rangetsu Initiate: Task: Proof of conquering masters of the sword. Rokurou’s skills have reached their zenith.

Striding Beyond the End: Task: Proof of defeating visitors from another world. They will travel on, though, as long as their mission remains.

The Beast Uncaged: Task: Proof of escaping the island prison. Velvet’s fight for revenge begins here.

The Great Gorger: Task: Proof Velvet has relearned the culinary artes. Her Culinary Mystic Arte? Quiche, of course.

The Hero’s Bane: Task: Proof of attacking the world’s savior. You will defeat him by any means necessary!

The Lindwurm Turns: Task: Defeat the dire foe, Lindwurm. Did you ever think that maybe you’re the real dire foe?

The Praying Malak: Task: Proof of creating the Omega Elixir. Laphicet now has something more precious than any item.

The Sower of Strife: Task: Proof of destroying reason and plunging the world into chaos. Your quest still goes on.

The Transgressor’s Chains: Task: Proof of knowing your sin and its price. There is no escape now.

The Unquenchable Flame: Task: Proof of learning the true story. In spite of this—No, because of this, you must go on.