Tales of Berseria Trophies List

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Tales of Berseria, RPG developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, released for PS3, PS4 and PC in Jan 2017. In the game, players explore the game’s world from a third-person perspective. This Tales of Berseria trophies list guide provides all the trophies that you can get in the game.

Tales of Berseria Trophies List


Champion of Berseria: Proof of conquering the world with Velvet and company. Thank you for playing!


Witness to the Mystic: Proof of seeing every mystic arte. Luck is also a talent.


A Solid B: Bring all characters’ titles to level 2. You seem to have a pretty good grasp of what each character can do.

Centurion: Perform a combo with 100 or more hits. Overwhelm your foe with artistic style!

Glacite Glut: Collect every glacite. The power is in your hands!

Shattered Soul: Proof of using every Break Soul. Use this unique power wisely and you’ll be able to overcome any foe.

The Last Level: Raise a character to level 200. There’s nothing that can challenge you now… Or is there?


A Veritable Gald Mine: Proof of doing whatever it takes in the pursuit of Gald. Don’t spend it all in one place! Unless you really want to.

Chef’s Soul: You can make any type of food. That’s pretty cool, right? Well, eat up and get back to battle!

Economic Linchpin: You buy. You sell. You strengthen equipment. A preferred customer like you is a mover, a shaker, and a genuine job creator.

Item Collector: Gels, equipment, food, costumes, valuables. From the powerful and precious to the downright weird, this is proof you’ve collected it all.

Know Thine Enemy: Proof of earning untold wisdom through defeating countless foes in battle after battle. There’s no weakness you can’t exploit.

Making a Mint: You’ve earned Tales Coins by relaxing and playing. Who knew they’d pile up like this?

Miraculous Myriad: Inflict 10,000 or more damage with a single hit. Use Break Soul combos, increased damage from stuns, and various skills to create the ultimate crushing blow.

Refreshing Conversation: The main story is nice and all, but it’s important to stop and smell the roses. You’ve learned some surprising things, haven’t you?

Soul Vacuum: Collect 20 or more souls in a single battle. Seek out dangerous fights and crush the reinforcements!

The Curious Youth: Proof Laphicet knows 50 or more skills. He is at an age of expanding curiosity and swift growth.

The Earnest Soldier: Proof Eleanor knows 50 or more skills. Despite her misgivings, she’ll step steadily forward, her spear firmly in hand.

The Honorable Warrior: Proof Rokurou knows 50 or more skills. He will pay the debts he owes. That’s the Rangetsu way.

The Pugnacious Skipper: Proof Eizen knows 50 or more skills. He’s got a fist strong enough to overturn fate and protect his friends.

The Stone-Cold Killer: Proof Velvet knows 50 or more skills. She’ll do whatever she has to in the pursuit of her goal.

The Unorthodox Witch: Proof Magilou knows 50 or more skills. Her words are questionable, but her ability is authentic.

Treasure Hunter: An award given to those who find treasure chests and open them. The contents don’t matter. It’s all for the thrill of pulling back that lid.

Whetstone and Polish: You’ve strengthened equipment 50 times. You seem to have the hang of this. Now go out there and make the best equipment possible!