Tekken 7 Guide: How to Stop Akuma’s Fireballs

Tekken 7 Stop Akuma's Fireballs

Tekken 7 is Bandai Namco Entertainment ‘s fighting game. It is developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and released in June, 2017. The game features Unreal Engine, the first to do so in the Tekken game series. Tekken 7 is about one-on-one battles and it got two new elements: First is Rage Art in which the player can perform critical attacks which deal around 30% damage once the health bar is critical. And second is Power Crush, in which, for high or mid-air attacks, the player continues to attack the opponent even when being hit by the enemy. Here we will see how to stop Akuma’s Fireballs in Tekken 7.

Akuma has many projectile attacks. You can sidestep or jump over these attacks but there are specific moves to nullify these projectiles. This guide will show how to avoid Akuma’s fireballs in the game.

Tekken 7 How to Stop Akuma’s Fireballs

Here is how you can avoid the projectiles.


1 = Left Punch
2 = Right Punch
3 = Left Kick
4 = Right Kick

QCB = Roll from Down to Back in a Quarter Circle motion.
QCF = Roll from Down to Forward in a Quarter Circle motion.

d/f = Diagonal between Down and Forward
d/b = Diagonal between Down and Back
u/f = Diagonal between Up and Forward
u/b = Diagonal between Up and Back

And here are the specific character moves which nullify these projectiles.

Character Fireball Nullifying Moves
Akuma Hurricane kicks (QCB+Kick), EX Hurricane Kick (QCB+Both Kicks)
Alisa 1+2, BOOT 3, Back+3+4,3+4, u/f+3+4
Asuka 3~4, Back+1, Forward,Forward+3, Sidestep+2
Bryan d/f+3 (Snake Edge), Back,Back+4
Claudio Down+2, Starburst Down+2,2, d/b+3
Devil Jin 3+4 (Fly), Up+4, Forward,Forward+3+4
Dragunov QCF+3, While Knocked Down,1+2, d/b+1+2
Feng Up+2, u/f+2, QCF+1
Gigas u/f+1+2, u/f+3+4
Heihachi d/b+1+2 | Forward,Forward+2, While Crouching d/f+4
Hwoarang Forward+3 (Left Flamingo), Forward, Neutral,4, Back+1, Back+2
Jack-7 d/b+2 (hold)
Jin Mental Alertness 3, u/f+2
Josie d/f+3,2, d/f+3,2~f, u/f+3
Katarina Harrier 3, d/b+4, While Crouching d/f+4
Kazumi u/f+2
Kazuya Crouch Dash+3, While crouching d/f+3+4
King Forward+3+4, Sidestep 2+4
Lars Silent Entry 2, u/f+3+4, u/f+3+4 (Hold), Forward,Forward+3+4
Law Forward+1+4, d/f+3+4, u/f+3+4, While Crouching d/f,d,Hold d/f+3 (Slide)
Leo Forward+2+3, Down+1+2, QCF+1, While Crouching d/f+3
Lili d/b+4, Up+3+4, u/f+3+4, While Crouching d/f+3
Lucky Chloe Down+3+4, Down+3+4,Down+3+4, While Rising+3, Back Turned Foward+3+4, Back Turned Forward+3+4, 3+4
Nina Back+1, Down,Hold d/f+4, QCF+3
Paul Forward+1+4, While Crouching d/f+1+2
Shaheen  Down+3, Down+3, Hold d/f, While Crouching d/f,d,Hold d/f+3 (Slide)
Steve 3 (Left Weave), 4 (Right Weave), Forward+3 (Ducking), Ducking 2, Sway 2
Xiaoyu u/f+3+4, Back Turned f+3+4, Back Turned Forward+3+4, 3+4, AOP Down+3+4, AOP 3, AOP 4~3, AOP Forward+3+4, AOP Forward+3+4, Down+1+2 (AOP)
Yoshimitsu KIN 3, Down+3+4, Down+3+4,4, Down+3+4,3+4 (Hold), QCF+1, While Crouching d/f+4

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