Tesla V100 Announcement and the Volta vs Vega discussion – Which Will be a Faster Consumer Grade Option?

You are currently viewing Tesla V100 Announcement and the Volta vs Vega discussion – Which Will be a Faster Consumer Grade Option?
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The Volta based 12nm FinFET Tesla V100 GPU has just been announced. While we’re seeing amazing advancement in technologies by Nvidia in the server computing sector, we’re yet to see any announcements for consumer grade GPUs.

VEGA is going to be out in a few months and we’re going to be seeing a showcase/reveal of their consumer GPUs as well as higher end models is set to go on the 16th this month. With Volta’s first step and most major GPU out of the way, an important war is about to ignite.

Before the showcase of Tesla V100, we were unsure of Nvidia’s latest architecture’s capabilities. Now, it may be so that we are going to see a VEGA vs Volta comparison in the near future.

What we know about Volta so far from the TESLA GPU reveal:

  1. The newest architecture is more powerful then ever before
  2. A possible limit to die size and efficiency may have been reached
  3. Performance for consumer models may be up to 30% better compared to Pascal
  4. Release date in Q1 or Q2 2018
  5. Tesla v100 model out in Q 3 – Q4 2017
  6. Tensor Core
  7. 12nm FinFET
  8. HBM2 high bandwidth memory in the Tesla GPU
  9. Possible usage of  GDDR 6 in consumer models

Although, it wouldn’t be a good comparison to compare VEGA to Volta at this point as we know very little about either (especially Volta) though, Nvidia’s latest generation is not to be compared to AMD’s in any case.

Na’VI will make an appearance possibly in 2019 or mid to late 2018 and Volta will be something aimed towards that release.

We’re extremely hyped about the next generation GPU wars as more and more exciting technology is hitting the shelves. 4K was something we though was going to be a difficult thing to incorporate into the mainstream is slowly turning into a reality.

What are you guys’ thoughts? Should the beasts from both the Nvidia and AMD side be compared? what should be the performance difference between the two and Na’Vi? Comment below.

For more updates, stay tuned.