The Best 5 Most Rare Online Games

The Best 5 Most Rare Online Games

When you have been studying or working a lot you would love to enjoy by the adrenaline and have a good time. Here are the most interesting video games provided by online statistics help to relax and get rid of any unnecessary thoughts:

1. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

Although in every video game, you must keep your player active and finish tasks, Karoshi Suicide Salaryman is a totally counter-intuitive story to the close. In this game, you should do everything you can to eliminate the main character; if not; you would not advance to other levels. You would be surprised at the amount of craziness the game takes along, as well as the boss battles are completely weird, yet pleasingly amusing.

2. Dust

Dust is an extremely unique and sophisticated game that some participants might find a bit dull.

Founded on physics, the match is intended to simulate dust molecules and how the molecules respond when a draft of wind whisks and lifts in the midair.

Your aim is just to use the mouse to raise dust particles as well as scatter them on a black backdrop and sit back and also allow the physics to do the work. There are numerous kinds of dust in the game. For instance, you can fool around with acid dust, fire dust, magma dust, etc. and see what occurs to the atmosphere.

There is no story to the game; all you should do is a test with dust and utilize other compounds like nitro bits to see what occurs. What you may do with the dirt is up to your imaginings. 

3. Epidemic II

The first and foremost thing that you will note and probably be saddened with is Pandemic II’s basic pictures. It’s the development here. With a morbid and cold theme, your task in the game is to destroy all of mankind efficiently. And the technique you are tasked to perform this with is utilizing biologic weaponries. You have murdered the human race utilizing deadly chemicals, pathogens, as well as bacterial germs.

4. Avoider

The term unusual doesn’t do this fixture justice – Avoider is a flat strange game! The game has naive visuals, and your key aim in the game is to evade having a weird little man eat your mouse pointer. He is a swindler and will do everything to try as well as eat the cursor.

5. Atomz

In the beginning, the game will restore all your agonizing reminiscences of having to revise chemistry in high school. Nevertheless, Atomz is a reasonably fun game – called as a “chain reaction game” by the creators, your key objective in the game is to destroy every molecule you notice on your screen, producing a large chain reaction.

By the mouse pointer, you’ll click on all the blue molecules displayed on the screen. Connecting a blue atom with red atoms, you are going to initiate a huge chain reaction that’s going to abolish all the molecules. For example, in the first round, your aim will be to break up, at minimum, a blue molecule out of five. However, as you make progress; things are getting to become a tad risky. You have to be fast as well as persistent to produce a chain reaction.