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The Division Guide: 100% Intel Collectible Completion Cosmetic

There are two types of intel in The Division: Evidence and Collectibles.

The Evidence gives an insight into the past events for various factions and how the situation developed in the past. The Collectibles can be phone recordings like crashed drones and other stuff.

There are total 293 items to be collected in the Division

  • 24 – Survival Guide (April Kelleher’s book)
  • 130 – Phone Recording
  • 40 – Incident Reports (involving the different factions)
  • 16 – Crashed Drones
  • 20 – Missing Agents
  • 63 – ECHOs

A cosmetic item will be rewarded to the player upon collection of all the items of a particular section. While the Field Data can be gathered in the open world, the Evidence can be gathered as the player does the missions. Here is what the player gets after collecting each section of the Intel Collectible:

100% Phone Recordings Collection – Shoreline Jacket

100% Survival Guide Collection – Meadow Jacket

100% Missing Agents Collection – Sierra Jacket

100% Incident Report Collection – Highland Jacket

100% ECHOs Collection – Rose Jacket

100% Crashed Drones Collection – Frost Jacket

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