The Division Wiki Guide: Chelsea Intel And Collectible Location

The Division Guide: How to Survive in High-Level Contaminated Areas

If you are playing The Division, your objective is to take back the New York and restore order and help the survivors. Here we will show you how to escape the virus and survive in a high-contaminated areas. Due to the contamination on the Manhattan Island, much of the areas will be affected in the game. And some areas the contamination level is very high. You will die in just 10 seconds.

How to Survive in High-Level Contaminated Areas

The Gas Mask can’t help you in Level 2-3 Contaminated area. So you need to do something more. Equip the Gas Mask that to counteract the contamination level. No particular Gas Mask level to enter the Dark Zone. Also no need to use or change the Gas Mask filters.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Upgrade the Medical Wing
  2. Unlock Perks that give you upgrade to Virus Protection