The Division Guide: How to turn into Rogue Agent

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While playing The Division, you can get an additional area in the Map called Dark Zone. This area is PvP enabled. Here you can play solo or in a group and you will encounter high level contaminated loot.There will also be players from different levels present in different section of the Dark Zone. Apart from all these, what you need to take care are the Rogue players. When you enter the Dark Zone, you will be Neutral. You will be can hunt the contaminated loot. Let’s see what you need to do to turn into Rough Agent.

The Division Guide: How to turn into Rogue Agent

  • By attacking another neutral player, the attacker or your group member, you will turn into a Rogue Agent.

Now once you have turned into a Rogue Agent. You will be marked with a big skull and that will be visible to all the players along with a Bounty on his head. It is to be noted that if you hit a player (who is not of your group) by mistake, you will only be marked with a warning icon making it it visible to others. It will signify that you as an agent has shot another player. But the damage is not enough to become Rogue.

Once you do more damage,

  1. You gets marked as a Rogue Agent
  2. Your Health Bar turns red

You will get 5 level of Rogue Agents. At the level 5, all you have is five minutes countdown until you lose the rogue status again. But you can reset the countdown once you kill or attack another agent. Also at level 5, you go into Manhunt mode. That means you are visible to all the players and also have a good Bounty on your head. That makes you a every players’ favorite target to kill or hunt. You need to survive the 5 minutes countdown, then you can collect the bounty and Dark Zone XP.

Here is what happens when you are killed as Rogue Agent

  1. You lose the loot that you just stole
  2. You will lose Dark Zone Keys and Dark Zone XP (if you have)
  3. Your re-spawn timer is gets longer