The Division Resurgence – Ubisoft’s Latest Open-world Mobile Game

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The Division Resurgence will be arriving on your mobile phone. In my opinion, mobile gaming is awesome in two main aspects. First is that you can play games where ever you want, just have to have your mobile with you. Second aspect (if you prefer mobile gaming over console gaming or PC gaming) is that it is way cheaper and yet very addictive. Resurgence game will give you the same feel as The Division and The Division 2 as it will be sharing the same world.

The Division Resurgence Story

It will have a story line entirely different from the Division PC games.

Platforms and Devices Support

The game will be releasing for mobile gaming. You will be able to play it on your iOS devices and Android phones.

Backdrop and Graphics

As per Ubisoft, the new game will be an open-world game set in New York City. With this backdrop and the absolutely amazing graphics, you can expect it to be spectacular.

Thinking will it be paid or free-to-play?

The Division Resurgence will be a free-to-play third person shooter mobile game.

The Division Resurgence Release Date

As eager as we all are, there is still time before you know the exact release date.


The game was first unveiled on July 7 this year. Check out the announcement trailer video below.