The Harmful Effects of Mobile Cases no one talks about!

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For ever since mobile phones came into existence, the industry of making mobile cases also grew with it.

For ever since we held our first phone which probably was a bar phone, along with it came a leather pouch it was kept it. Then came the actual covers which used to cover the whole mobile phone and had cut outs for the keypads, buttons and headphone jack.
it was the same time where we had glass cases as well. This acted as a secondary screen guard for our bar phones. With the advent of touch screen smart phones, the design of cases has changed with it as well. With more ports, buttons and air vents being put on the sides of a smartphone the integrity of mobile cases has been tested.

We have all been configured to keep things covered in order to keep them new and in better condition. Contrary to this there are a lot of side effects that no one talks about the phone cases. Here are a few notable things:

  • Silicon phone cases that nowadays comes along with the mobile phones in the box itself, tends to get dirty (yellowish) over a period of time. This yellowing is not something that is cleaned with a simple stroke brush or even detergent. The yellowing disrupts the look of the phone.
  • These type of silicon and plastic don’t really provide fall protection and can even tend to get disrupted with higher temperature.
  • The hard cases that may look to help with fall protection are harder to clean. The dirt usually sticks in the speaker holes and gradually damages the phones.
  • Many a times dust particles may enter between the phone and the case and subsequently scratch the phone’s back panel even.
  • It’s always a headache to buy a phone case that doesn’t compromise with the screen guard that most people use today in their smart phones.
  • Last but not the least, phone cases of all types retain heat trapped between itself and the back panel. Using cases during gaming or even charging heats up the devices very fast and hence damages the phone’s longevity.

With the next gen mobile devices, that may allow you to wrap your mobile screen on your wrist, the future of phone cases remain uncertain!