The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide: Memories Locations

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released in March 2017 for Nintendo Switch and Wii U video game consoles. This action-adventure game is the 19th release in the main The Legend of Zelda series. The story is set in Hyrule. The story shows how Link, the main protagonist, wakes up from a 100-year slumber to a mysterious voice that guides him to defeat Calamity Ganon. This guide lists out all the Memories locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Memories Locations

If you are done with Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and Purah, you will get 12 camera pictures on your Sheikah Slate and these will be depicting memories of Link and Zelda and old places. Then the Ancient Memories quest initiates. In this quest you have to locate all the memories locations so that you find out everything about the past. Below are mentioned all the memories locations.

Subdued Ceremony

Travel inside Hyrule Field from Central Hyrule. Get inside the main gate of the castle. Go inside and head to the Sacred Ground Ruins. There you will find the Subdued Ceremony memory.

Resolve and Grief

From the Great Plateau Tower, go towards Lake Kolomo which will be located in the southern edge of Hyrule Field. Now from this point, head towards the southwest edge of the lake. You will see the Resolve and Grief memory at a distance.

Shelter from the Storm

Go towards the northeast edge of Hylia’s bridge and towards the lake. On reaching the spot, get to the nearby river and then get onto a hill with a visible tree. You have to climb this tree and then you will find the memory located on the Hills of Baumer.

Zelda’s Resentment

This will be found when you go towards the west side of Tabantha Great Bridge to the Ancient Columns. From there you will see a Shrine of Trial and the memory will be right there infront of it.

Blades of the Yiga

Get to the Kara Bazaar by traveling from the Gerudo Desert Gateway to Gerudo Town. The memory will be found on the right side of Kara bazaar.

A Premonition

This one is located in Eldin Canyon, near Death Mountain. So head east side of Woodland Tower and Minshi Woods to get to Eldin Canyon. After you get there, climb up the hills and you will find the memory there.

Silent Princess

Head towards the east side of the Monya Toma Shrine and Serenne Stable to get near the Irch Plain. Once there, the memory can be found easily.

Father and Daughter

Can be found inside Hyrule Castle, inside the Western Keep. When you get to the castle, go to the second floor. There will be a walkway that will take you to the memory.

Slumbering Power

You have to reach the Spring Of Power. So head to North Akkala Valley from Ordorac Quarry and the memory will be found nearby.

To Mount Lanaryu

The memory will be in the Sanidin Park Ruins. So get to the area and look for a large statue with the memory nearby.

Return Of Calamity Ganon

Get to Naydra Snowfield, and into the Lanaryu Promenade. Once there, head towards east and the memory will be located at a distance.


Reach the northeast edge of the Bottomless Swamp, located on the east side of Hyrule Field. There you will find a small forested section. This section will have the memory.

Zelda’s Awakening

After finding all the twelve memories, get back to Impa. Then you will get to know the final memory location.

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