The PS4 Pro is Almost Here – Everything You Need to Know

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The highly anticipated PS4 Pro is the upgrade to Sony’s PlayStation 4 system, and it’s about to release in less than a week, on November 10. We’ve talked before about how this system could definitively set Sony as the winner of this console war. So, if you’re interested in buying it, here’s everything you need to know about the system in rapid-fire fashion. This is purely informative; we’re not about to waste your time.

It costs $399 and comes with a 1TB hard-drive. It adds 4K resolution and high-dynamic range (HDR) support. It adds more graphics processing power so games can look and perform better, the idea is most major releases will lock at 30 frames per second (fps) when playing at 4K, and 60 if the resolution is just 1080p. People with 4K televisions will benefit most from this upgrade, but even if you don’t own a 4K TV you’ll still notice improvements when playing at 1080p, like the aforementioned 60 fps as well as better textures and lighting effects. Also, a lot of games on the original PS4 are locked at 900p, not so much on the PS4 Pro.

A lot of big games are coming out with patches to support these upgrades right now, anticipating the console’s launch next week.