The Technomancer Guide: All Decisions And Results

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This new game is set on Mars during the War Of Water. There are four different skill trees in this game including the fighting style and the electrical power technomancers. There are different possible endings to the game’s storyline depending upon the player’s choices. Different responses to certain conversations can lead to different outcomes. This All Decisions And Results guide has the following list of the dialogues and choices the player gets in the game.

The Technomancer Guide: All Decisions And Results

The player needs to be street smart at making choices as making a poor choice initially can lead to disastrous outcomes later which cannot be changed unless the player starts over.

Deserter – Get Away/Arrest/Kill Boris

Boris is the leader of the Deserter and after pinning him down in a fight, the player will have three choices – Either arrest him, kill him or let him get away. Arresting him will lead to a bonus XP of 1500 but Eliza wont be happy with this choice.

  • If the player lets him get away, a bonus XP of 1500 is rewarded along with 2 karma but then the objective to kill the target will have failed. Relationship points will be lost as a result when the player lies to the lieutenant.
  • If the player kills him, a bonus XP of 1500 is got along with his Rifle but this will upset David, causing him to leave.

Break the Opposition – Keep the Bomb/Arrest Her/Kill Her

Main objective is to locate the bomb and defuse it. Two choices will be made available to the player – Either take the bomb and let the woman leave or arrest her.

  • The former choice will lead to an XP of 2000, 2 karma and 10 reputation.
  • The latter choice will lead to two more choices – Fight and arrest her or kill her. Arresting her will lead to a reward of 1000 XP and a Bulgakov’s Gun but with a loss of 5 reputation. Killing her will earn the player a Dagger and her Gun.

Under Surveillance – Ask Him to Leave/Shoot Him

The player discovers that David is a spy. Two choices – Tell him to leave or kill him. The latter choice will reward the player with his Mace And Shield, strength to wield and the Drain Serum but the player loses 1 karma.

If the player tells him to leave, 10 reputation and 2 karma is rewarded but the player wont see David again.

Fighting For Abundance – Answer Eliza Major

After talking to Captain Eliza Major, she will ask questions to the player.

Here is what happens when you answer the following

  • Question 1
    • Take Responsibility for One’s Sympathy for the Mutants: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Accuse Vitor of Lying: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Question 2
    • Try to Convince Eliza: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Take Responsibility for Not Mentioning the Site: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Defend oneself and attack Victor: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Question 3
    • Try to Convince Eliza: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Take Responsibility +1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Protest: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

A Safe Haven – Encourage/Intervene

Niesha is aiming at Jeffery and the player has two choices – Encourage her to kill him or intervene. Intervening will result in 2 karma gain and no one is affected. Encouraging will result in 1 decrease in karma and 1 decrease in the army. Amelia will also get upset.

Under The Orders of A Merchant Prince – Accept the Deal or Refuse

The player will have to return to Aston and is forced with 2 choices – Either accept the deal and get the serum or refuse it.

  • Accepting will get the player 200 serums and the character will lie about the pact later.
  • Refusing will lead to Anton Rogue refusing to help the player against Viktor. Update Dandolo about this if the player makes this choice.

The People Assembly – Multiple Choice

Three choices are available and selecting the correct ones will lead the people to turn against Viktor.

  1. The player needs 3 Charisma for the first choice.
  2. Second choice is about corruption. Denying the attempted bribery will make the people trust the player.
  3. The last choice is about Viktor’s population where he needs to be tossed away.

Hello Earth – This is Mars – Revealing and Joining/Not Revealing

The player will get a quick recap of all the decisions that he/she made. The player now has three choices –

  1. Reveal about the destruction and join Noctis or Reveal about the destruction and join Mutant Valley or not reveal at all.
  2. The second choice will lead to all the Technomancers fleeing and the scientists will find a new way to make new Technomancers. The first one will lead to people panicking and a chaos will break out.
  3. The last choice will lead the player to becoming the Grandmaster of all Technomancers. This will help the player lead Mars to a better future and people will respect the player.