The Xmas 2018 Tech Gifts and Accessories Guide

The Xmas 2018 Tech Gifts and Accessories Guide

It’s almost that time of year where you have to start thinking about the best gifts to give this season.

With technology running wild these days, there’s so much to choose from. If you’re planning on starting off the New Year right, then why not look for the newest tech on the charts? Technology is an investment, which is why you want to put forth a little extra to get the best there is and keep what you have looking fresh and clean.

Here is a combination of interesting and fun ideas for your shopping list.

  1. Accessory Cases for your (X)

With the recently released iPhone X, you can shop from get Casely for unique and stylish cases that will help your phone stay clear of scratches. They offer trendy designs with everything from rose gold to detailed patterns as well as accessory charging cases, too. 

  1. Singing in the Shower

Adding a little joy into someone’s life can start with the VicTsing Shower Speaker, a wireless and waterproof suction-cup music device to use while having a good rinse. With its hands-free function, it allows you to continue washing when switching songs and changing the volume.

  1. Every Listener’s True Love

With the loss of the iPhone plug-in, wireless headphones are becoming all the rage. In fact, more than a few people you know might still have Bluetooth headphones on their list from last year. You can check out the new Beats Solo3 for a great listening option that will provide the best sounds to ring in the New Year. 

  1. Filtered Photography Fun

 Your loved ones can start capturing their memories with the Polaroid Cube+, a camera that allows you to live stream onto your favorite social media sights with cool photo filters. The Wi-Fi stabilization and weatherproof technology allow for it to connect directly to your device. You and your friends can capture all the outdoor fun you have planned for 2019!

  1. Speaking of Photos…From Above 

Capturing your life from every angle has its promises with the DJI Spark Mini Drone. This advanced technology and powerful camera can fly through the sky and track subjects in frame for a fully committed photo shoot!

  1. Living in Your New Reality 

If you’re looking for some real stimulation, consider a virtual reality headset such as the Samsung Gear. This rapidly growing tech is breaking the charts with its futuristic emphasis on living in another dimension. With its new motion controller and ability to pair with Samsung phones, this device has been gauged to feel more real than ever.

The Xmas 2018 Tech Gifts and Accessories Guide

  1. Fit Life for Everyone

For the busybody individual trying to stay on track and connected to their community, the new Fitbit release has specialized options for men, women, and children.

Why not let your kid be part of the Fit family too? The Fitbit Ace for kids eight and up is a stylish waterproof band that has all of the regular health tracking as well as a signaled connection for parents to use.

The benefits of these devices counteract the trend of increased screen/video game time that has been sweeping the nation. With a Fitbit, kids will feel motivated to get more exercise time in their day and still have the ability to stay connected to their friends.

  1. Smart Living

The most recent home improvement plan is the Google Home. It’s on the Google Xmas list this year, and it’s being eagerly awaited by fans of the company worldwide. The smart device has all of the regular features such as home automation, music downloads, basic commands and more.

  1. Touch Sensitive Tech

The gift everyone will be breaking out to use right after unwrapping is the new Touchjet Wave. It’s a nifty device that attaches to television screens of a certain size, turning them into a touchscreen that will then connect to your Android device. You will be able to showcase photos, music, PowerPoint presentations or anything you wish on the big screen whenever you want!