Tips for Beginners in Apex Legends

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Battle royale games are exciting and fun — if you know how to play them right. The same is true for Apex Legends. 

In this article, we’ll offer useful tips for beginners who want to master Apex Legends. 

But first, what is Apex Legends? 

What is Apex Legends? 

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, first-person shooter battle royale game, which means you’re pitted against players inside an isolated map and you have to survive until only one team is left. 

If it sounds like tough work, it’s because most battle royale games are. 

To move up ranks, many players use Apex Legends boosting services. However, for true beginners, it’s better to use the following tips and enjoy the game. 

Learn at Least 3 Legends

It’s great to learn every about every Legend in the game. This will make you flexible and more effective in battle. But if you can’t do that, do try to learn at least three of them. 

Each of these legends has passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. Find the legend or legends that fit your playing style best. 

Try giving each legend at least one try to see which abilities are perfect for you. 

Master the Ping System 

Apex Legends’ Ping system is an excellent communication method integrated into the game. You don’t need to turn on your microphone or type lengthy messages. 

You must, however, learn the ins and outs of the system. You can Ping an enemy’s location or Ping a location where you want to set up base, for example. 

The Ping system makes it easier for players to communicate without talking, facilitating a better game experience. 

Stick Together

When you land as a team, you must try to stay like that throughout the game — as a team. 

Apex Legends is credited as one of those battle royale games that truly emphasize team coordination, strategy, and teamwork. So, it’s best to stick together. 

Loot, Loot, Loot

When you touch down, spend the first few seconds or minutes to loot everything you can. 

There’s plenty of loot scattered around with different levels of usefulness, but you don’t want to be too choosey early in the game. 

The priority is to pick up a weapon and a shield you can use to protect yourself and fight others early on.

Get the Yellow Gears 

Now, after the first few minutes, you probably have explored a portion of your area. You’re now searching for better weapons. 

Grab the yellow gears, which have the stats of rare gears but offer super useful perks. You must master how these legendary gears work

There are five pieces of yellow legendary gears: 

  • Backpack – cuts consumable usage time in half 
  • Helmet – offers faster regeneration on tactical and ultimate abilities 
  • Armor – shields gain back hitpoints from finishers
  • Knockout Shield – offers a one-time self-revive ability after being knocked down 
  • Digital Threat Scope – highlights your enemies in red 

Try as much as you can to grab any of these items. They are lifesavers! 

Careful with the Hot Zones 

Hot Zones are called hot zones for a reason. Every new round, you can find these blue circles on the map where you can find higher tier loot and weapons. 

You must reach these zones before anybody else does. You can probably encounter an opponent in the zone, so you must also be prepared for combat.

Conquer the Higher Ground 

Another easy advantage for your team would be to get the higher ground. 

Each terrain has its tactical advantage, but it’s best to maintain the higher ground to spot opponents and see them before they come. 

Also, make sure to be conscious of the Ring, which is an ever-enclosing circle. You want to stay inside this circle because your Legend will start taking damage until it dies if you don’t.