Titanfall 2’s Latest Monarch’s Reign DLC Will Be Out Next Week – Trailer and Details

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With the release of Monarch’s Reign DLC next week, Titanfall will get some nice additional content and a slew of extra features along with it. The DLC will be coming out on exactly 30th May. The included items will be a shiny new Titan along with a reworked map from the original game, the new titan will be called titular Monarch which is a “mid-range Vanguard-class Titan” capable of upgrading during battle.

Respawn explains the newest titan, “Monarch’s design is based on the salvaged, badly burnt remains of two Vanguard-class Titans recovered by the IMC from the Battle of Typhon, While the Vanguard-class was designed by the Militia for armed recon deep behind enemy lines, the IMC’s mandate for Monarch focused on flexibility through survival and support options, to serve many operational roles”

While the new titan seems extraordinarily fun and exciting to try out, the “latest” map which is the reworked version of the Crashsite map, contains a lot of additions and polishing which will be a major part of the Monarch’s Reign DLC.

The additions to the map includes collision fixes throughout the map and 8 new zip lines to zoom around the map in style. Sadly, the wall running opportunities have faded.

“Set among the old wreck of the IMC carrier IMS Odyssey, Relic is a worksite where Pilots have created clever wall running routes by hanging pieces of the wreckage between buildings. The map consists of the wreck of the Odyssey in the center of the map that splits the two town areas.

Created with frontlines in mind, the gameplay is all about assaulting and controlling the center and engaging in firefights from the great viewpoints of the ship against the varied defensible positions in the Town.”

You can get all the details about the update from here.

For more updates, stay tuned.