Tom Clancy’s The Division Player Numbers Back To Former Glory

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With the latest patch, the popular shooter The Division Is back to its former glory. The publisher said in a statement that the number of daily players is almost equal to the amount there were on release, proposing that new patch has brought back the players for another round.

“Since the release of patch 1.4, we went back to the daily active users we had at launch, because people were [so impressed],” Ubisoft VP of live operations Anne Blondel said. This was done by re-routing the money from expansions and investing them into patches and actually improving the game.

Some players left the game earlier than what we thought, then we had to make that tough call: do we keep providing them with extra content or do we stop everything for a while, settle down, fix everything, and then once the game is where it should be, then we start providing more content

Blondel added

And this is what we did [and] the community was super happy about it, even though they were disappointed at first that we were to push back the next DLC releases.

As it seems that Ubisoft has definitely improved the game to great extent bringing back truckloads of players and returning the game to the glory it had upon release.

The division is an online shooter developed by Ubisoft for PC, XBOX One and PlayStation 4.