Top 5 Apps for January 2020 (Android/ iOS)

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Microsoft Math Solver

It’s not just a calculator to start with. Microsoft math solver app is problem solving tool for a variety of problems. The problems may range from algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, statistics and even calculus. It is a math solver powered by AI. The app provides you with various ways through which you can get help. Write a math problem on the screen, take a snap of the question or type it out. It gives you the answer instantly along with similar questions and solutions to them. Video suggestion of similar problem and concepts related to them are also provided. Graphical questions are also not deprived of answers through this app. One can scan and plot x/y data tables for both linear and non-linear functions. Your word problems are solved with one scan of the question.

In all this app is a handy tool for the students out there ranging from elementary to master levels and above.

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Fitness apps are out there having a note of your calories counts, weights and gym routines. ZERO has a different approach towards catering your health needs. It tracks and schedules your fasting. Be it intermittent or circadian rhythm fasting it gives you the methods of doing so. Feeling like doing a custom fasting schedule, well zero help you build just that. You can even get in touch with the advisory team consisting of doctors, dieticians, pediatrician and more to provide you with enough insights for every individual to plan their own fast schedule.

With simplistic design and straight forward interface, it is feel good app for every health conscious person. It can also sync with your google fit app for getting those sleep and movement data in order to plan better. Get acquainted with health and fitness the weekly articles coming up in the app.

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Developed by 3D Technologies, Moasure is a tool app that does all sort of measurement digitally that conventionally required manual equipment. Measurements such as distance, thickness, depth, angle between surfaces and even gap between two surfaces. It uses the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor your smart phone to determine most accurate reading. On testing this app for more than a week, I can conclude that the app is approximate with a deviation of 5% to 9%. Which right now is probably the best among when compared to its rivals such as “Measure” by google itself.

The fact that measure is compatible with most of the devices gives it an edge against other such apps. The app comes with very small tutorial demos of how to properly take measurements. Take 2D and even 3D dimensions along with gradient of slopes, the rise and fall of surfaces.

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Available exclusively for IOS, SPDR is speed reading app. It displays words one by one with proper punctuation pauses. Reduces the time it takes for the eyes to read through a page line by line.

The app is available even for apple watch users. The can read text one by one on the watch interface. The app is more like a video player but for text. Download articles, blogs or texts from internet or just upload the ones you have. Works seamlessly and doesn’t deter the grammar and structure of the sentences. In all a nice reader cum player app for the ios users to have a go.

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 As the name suggest it’s a place to keep all your desired contents at one place. Developed by “Read It Later” pocket is a content saving app. Save all the articles, news, stories, videos from any publisher or app. It provides you with the option of night mode and sepia mode for all the night readers. The written content can be converted into speech and be heard whenever and wherever one may pleases to. Although this feature needs further configuration as it sounds more like windows text to speech converter sounds, but still it well compliable to go with.

Further there are suggestions of good articles to go through from their “Discover” section. Here you can follow great writers and blo0ggers and stay updated with their works as well.

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These are some of the amazing apps that you can try out right now. Run a emulator and they will also run on your Fierce PC.