Top 5 Medical / Health Care Apps 2019 (Android / iOS)

Top 5 Medical/ Health Care Apps
Top 5 Medical/ Health Care Apps 2019


A service provider company that provides online medicine buying facility. Not only that you can book for lab tests, diagnostics and health checkups with doctors at their clinics. You can even consult a doctor online all free of cost. 1mg provide a range of specialists to consult with such as general physician, dentists, neurologists, orthopedics etc. compare the ratings review and the consultation fee on the app before making an appointment.

1mg stands out as a well-balanced medical app out there. The user of this app is constantly notified on health tips. Even one can learn about Ayurveda, disease symptoms, aloe vera benefits and many more from the app. They even remind you to take your pills!

Download from Play Store: 1mg

Download from App Store: 1mg


 The above is a health and fitness app that aims at providing stats required for keeping yourself healthy. Track your weight, calorie intakes and water intake information. Personal diet plans are offered from respected nutritionists from across the country at different price packages. It stands out in the amount of dishes that persists in the app for the purpose of calorie count. It gives regular notifications regarding food and water alerts.

You can even sync your fitness band such as mi bands to the app and it will take the step count data very efficiently and precisely. Not only fitness bands but it gets synced with other fitness apps such as google fit in order to gain more health related data.

Download from Play Store: HealthifyMe

Download from App Store: HealthifyMe

Google Fit

A fitness tracker app that helps you track your fitness without having to use any fitness band or fitness watch. The data is received from the phone. Although this data is not accurate but close enough. The app works the best when synced with any smart watch or fitness band. The app has been made after recommendations from WHO and American Heart Association and hence they have come up with new activity goals namely Move Minutes (when you are in motion and being idle) and Heart Points (workout, cardio, jog etc. that makes the heart pump faster.)

This is compatible with most bands out there and even a number of fitness apps. Such flexibility makes it a top contender out there.

Download from Play Store: Google Fit

Download from App Store: Google Fit

Water Reminder

There nothing much to talk about apps like these. As the name suggests, it gives you regular notifications reminding us to drink water. What makes it the best among all other water reminder apps is the seamless and amazing user interface it provides. Not only water but it has 20 different drinks to take into consideration.

Amazing graphics and variety of containers to intake drinks set it apart from other such apps. Based on the gender and weight it gives the amount of water needed each day and hence calculates the amount of water to be taken and when to be taken.

Download from Play Store: Water Reminder


Calm is an app focused on meditation and sleep. It contains meditation sessions of various length ranging from 3 minutes to 25 minutes and more. A library filled with variety of scenes containing sound such as pouring rains, summer meadows, Zen ocean etc. One of the special features is the mood check in feature herein you put your current mood in terms of emoticons as happy, sad, excited, unsure, grateful etc. and have a weekly and a monthly stat of your moods. You can even attach a note regarding that emotion or choose from the presets such as family, money, friends etc.

Overall a great set of music and short stories collection that helps to meditate and the breathing exercises along with guided mental sessions helps release stress, anxiety, sleep disorder and makes the mind healthy.

Download from Play Store: Calm

Download from App Store: Calm