Top Rated Tech Apps to Track Your Sleep

Top Rated Tech Apps to Track Your Sleep

It’s important to get a good night sleep as sleep deprivation can lead to some serious health complications. On this regard, it’s essential to track your sleep behavior and patterns to monitor and control your sleeping better. By so doing, you can regulate some aspects of your sleeping environment to achieve a better quality of sleep.

To aid you to sleep better, I’ve compiled a list of some useful trackers that can help you in monitoring your sleep better, and here are the top 10:

1. Sleep Genius

An app developed by experts in the fields of neuroscience, music, sound, and sleep, in the event of NASA’s research on how to get astronauts to sleep. This app helps you get the optimal sleep and wakes you up in a scientifically determined manner and alarm sounds. Compatibility is wide as it supports all Android and iOS devices, as well as some wearable devices.

2. Sleep for Android

This app features a smart alarm clock function and sleep tracker. Featuring gentle operations, I find it very useful in ensuring optimal sleep gets achieved. It wakes you up gently with a CAPTCHA verification of some math or any other mind bobbling quiz. Supported only on Android OS, it integrates well with Google Fit, and S-Health, and keeps statistics on deep sleep, snoring, and sleep deficits.

3. Sleep

I find this one of the best apps for those who have insomnia. Featuring a playlist of relaxing songs, it soothes you to sleep and gently wakes you up. The smooth songs help in relaxing and reducing stress, at the same time aiding you to sleep better and feel good. Availability is on iOS only.

4. Sleep Bot

Featuring a wide array of combined alarms and trackers, it presents a user-friendly interface. This app also features ambient soundtracks for soothing you to sleep. You can easily customize sleeping and waking patterns for different sleep phases. You can install and use this app on any Android and iOS gadgetry.

5. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

I find rain sound very soothing, and tend to fall asleep quickly whenever it’s raining. So in this app, there are several soundtracks of various environments to best suit the broadest population of sleepers. You can have the sounds on all night, or they get faded at the interval you set. You can download the app to any of your Android or iOS device.

6. Pzizz

This app does a fantastic job of helping many people across the globe get rejuvenating sleep. Neuro-linguistic combined with soothing sound effects, enchanting music and binaural beats deliver billions of unique sound patterns. Android and iOS stores both offer it for free.

7. Sleep Time+

Helps you sleep by analyzing sleeping and waking up patterns during the lightest sleep phase. The soundscape it presents enables you to drift asleep quickly, and also reports data on the sleep cycle. This program is available for both Android and iOS.

8. MotionX 24/7

This top-rated medical app intrigues me the way it operates. I find the elements it features such as heart rate monitor, tracker and smart alarm, apnea, snoring, and weight loss very beneficial to fruitful sleep patterns. Exclusive for iOS and it also features activity tracking through setting goals and milestones.

9. Pillow

Another app for iOS devices that features sleep tracking by keeping tabs on your movements and sounds during sleep. By using the data collected, it’s able to determine if you’ve optimally slept and the best time to wake up.

10. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

This app’s compatibility features both Android and iOS platforms. I find it more interesting as it offers a kind of meditation program. It is a more of a before bedtime program for helping you clear your mind and relaxing before sleep.

You can use any of these apps and any other software for tracking sleep to monitor and aid your sleep. These apps have achieved positive results as more and more people are using them.