Troubleshooting Super Slow Internet: 5 Quick Fixes You Ought to Know

Troubleshooting Super Slow Internet: 5 Quick Fixes You Ought to Know

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is the super slow internet. Especially during moments when you need the internet to complete work or when you’re trying to shop online for necessities. Slow internet can leave you wanting to throw everything out the window, including your computer.

In this article, we are going to discuss ways to help you troubleshoot what is causing the slow internet and correct the problem.

How To Correct Super Slow Internet

There are many ways that slow internet can be corrected, including having someone perform antenna repairs. This is just one of the ways that your slow internet problem can be improved.

You’ll be happy to know that there are many more ways to correct the issue and ease your frustrations.

1. Perform a Software Update

Sometimes the reason that your internet is running slowly is that it hasn’t had its software updated in awhile. Much like a cellphone needs to be updated to resolve past bugs and issues, so does your internet router.

When you update your router, not only will it resolve most of the issues that you may be noticing, but you’ll also notice that you have access to newer functions installed during the updating process.

2. Interference Free

Often times the reason that the internet may not be performing in the way that it should is that other things are interfering with the connection. For instance, if too many people are connected to the internet, and all are running multiple devices at the same time, it can cause the internet to work slower.

Interferences may be especially noticed if your router is older because it takes more effort to work.

3. Check the Signal

There are times that your router isn’t causing the issue at all. The issue comes from your WiFi signal being too weak to support the devices that are attempting to access the internet. To increase your signal, you may need to move your device to a different location for maximum signal frequencies.

4. Call the Service Provider

There are times when you won’t be able to solve your connection issues on your own and will need to contact your service provider. Once you’ve contacted them, they will send someone out to take a look at your router if they aren’t able to get the help you need via a phone call.

5. Get A New Provider

If you continuously experience issues with your internet service provider, then it may be time to find a new provider. A new provider may be able to offer you better service and a faster internet connection at a better price than your previous service provider.

Stop Buffering Today

Solving a super slow internet issue can be done in various ways. However, there are some times when you need someone else’s help to completely correct the problems.

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