Ubisoft Annecy’s Riders Republic is Ready to Get Your Adrenaline Rushing

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Ubisoft Annecy reveals its next sports title – Riders Republic. The game is set in rural America. It is a multiplayer title that will see the skills of 50 participants at the same time. It includes mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, and wingsuit. Propellant rockets will fly even faster through a large number of locations taken from US national parks.

Riders Republic will launch on October 28, 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

Riders Republic Gameplay

Igor Manceau, Creative Director of Riders Republic, explained that Ubisoft Annecy has decided to create something focused on the frenzy and aggregation of the online community.

The character that we will choose in the game will be completely customizable. There will also be a Destiny-style multiplayer hub with a powerful social component to act as a side dish.

The game will center on the crazy stunts that will be carried out by the avalanche of players present, for a whole series of adrenaline rushing (and deadly) races of all kinds in an open world that promises to be very vast indeed.

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After a few minutes of showing us the Woodstock of extreme sports, we were shown two teams of six players each, who challenged each other with snowboard tricks. In a few seconds, all the athletes joined the match, and the race started. We were surprised by the speed, and the simplicity, with which it seems it is possible to challenge and share all kinds of experiences with other players within Riders Republic.

The competition consisted of a mix between the classic extreme sports arcade and Splatoon. Each player is asked to perform tricks with their snowboard in the different areas of the map. And anybody who obtains the highest score “colored” a part of the area, increases the overall score of the team and enabling different score multipliers.

Riders Republic Map

About the map, Riders Republic takes advantage of the open-world formula to displace its surface in seven distinct regions. Each region is taken from real existing places and is meticulously recreated by the development team. The level of accuracy seemed incredible to us during the videos. And Igor Manceau confirmed that each location was reconstructed using, in addition to on-site surveys, GPS data to be able to reproduce every track, road, and obstacle faithfully as possible to the places that can be visited virtually.

Riders Republic Conclusion

The work done by Ubisoft has been excellent. And in this case, the extra processing time has benefited the production, which presents itself as an extremely enjoyable and fun title.

There are some tiny flaws, and some are still critical. Such as the management of physics and contacts not always exceptional. But honestly, now we feel like saying that we are ready to buy the game without thinking twice. Because in any case, it is a title that deserves more than a few chances. And in our opinion, it could be able to give more than just a few hours of fun even in the company of an online friend.