Uncharted 4: Microtransactions Prices Revealed

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Uncharted 4: Microtransactions Prices Revealed, from $5 to $50

To support its plans for free post-launch multiplayer content, this game is relying on small microtransactions ranging from 5USD to 50 USD.

But how these will translate to real world money remains to be seen. The listings for these Uncharted points have appeared on the PlayStation store and they cover a wide range of prices.

5 USD fetches the player 500 points. 10USD give 1500 points. 20USD gets 3200 and 35USD gets 6500.

The most expensive option is 50USD which will get 10000 points.

These points can be spent only on cosmetic unlocks like skins, hats and taunts. Gameplay items can be bought using only in-game currency.