Unusual employment options to try in 2021

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Being an office worker is kind of boring, isn’t it? There are so many people out there with interesting and ‘conversation starter’ jobs, and you’re stuck doing the regular nine to five, probably not being paid quite as much as you want, in a job that you find dull. Seriously, there are people out there scuba diving and riding rollercoasters for their jobs – so why can’t you?

There are so many unusual and niche jobs you can check out in the new year that’ll get people talking and get you known. And here are just a few:

#1 Become a food taster

Ever wanted to try eating for a living? Well, here’s your opportunity. Becoming a food taster means you get to try a range of different cuisines, with a nice pay-check, too. However, you do need to protect your tastebuds – you can’t smoke or drink too heavily, or consume spiced or salty foods, and you need to have a very strong sense of taste and experience in the food industry. But if you think your taste buds are up to scratch, why not give it a go?

#2 Or a cloud practitioner

Maintain the online cloud, and help a huge range of businesses with your invaluable knowledge. This is a great job to go into, and due to the new normal, something that can be done at home. You can learn how to work the cloud by becoming an AWS cloud practitioner and enjoy working in a highly sought after role in online business. 

This is also a good move for those who are looking for jobs that are very soon going to be in very high demand, due to the sudden reliance on the cloud that business now has. 

#3 Maybe a body part model 

Become a body part model. Do you have particularly nice hands or feet? Or even ears? You could become a sock, shoe, or glove model and lend your very nice specific body part to the beauty industry. You could also model jewellery and wristwatches, or even just hold products such as perfume bottles or beauty products. It’s anonymous and very well paying, and can be a really interesting field of work to go into – although you do need to take serious care of your asset, as having a blemish or an injury could take you out of the field entirely. You might even end up modelling nail varnish – or even the next smartphone.

#4 Or even a professional sleeper?

Professional sleepers are employed by hotels to test out the comfort and hospitality of the rooms and the beds. They give ratings to help improve customer service and satisfaction, and generally try out each room in the hotel per night. This is a good job for those that enjoy travelling, have a great sense of adventure and can stay away from home for long periods – and are prepared to stay in some weird, fantastic, and fun places.