Upcoming Tekken 7 PC Release – Mods discussed and will they Bring Back Roger?

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We’re finally going to be seeing Tekken 7 release for the PC. Mark June 2nd, that’s the time we’re finally going to be getting our hands on our favorite fighters.

The latest trailer shows off some of the best fighters of the series, King, Nina, Eddy, Jack-7 and a special highlight for Lucky Chloe. While our fingers are ready to be sore from the constant button smashing, seeing the characters does throw us back quite a bit.

Steve Fox was shown off in a cool boxing attire while our beloved king was shown off with a cape. Yeah, a cape! Talk about the “king” of the jungle. While that look definitely suits him, not a lot of other characters can really pull that look off.

The biggest reason why I’m extremely hyped about the release on June 2nd is because of the mods. Owning a PC and not applying a ton of useless (or really nice) mods is the way to go. I know some of you out there might be expecting a Tekken 7 nude mod. But hey, I’m not here to judge.

A lot of the more hardcore tekken fans who have invested many hours into the older games must be happy for the PC release; the mods add an extra bit of fun for the game which most people tend to enjoy quite a lot.

Also, since Roger the Kangaroo was removed from the game, we may actually be seeing the original assets of the boxing mammal and modders may actually bring him back to the game unofficially.

There isn’t enough excitement in the community to see the game out for the PC; we’re hoping to get our hands on a copy on release day.

What do you guys think, is Tekken going to be great or something which is better in our memories? What mods are you hoping for?

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