Upcoming Xbox Scorpio Will not Be Bottlenecked By Xbox One Games Says Mike Ybarra

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The Xbox Scorpio is the upcoming beast of a console which looks to completely change the console genre. While we already know a lot about the console’s specifications, there are some major things we are unsure about.

There were concerning factors about how much the console would be limited by the previous generation Xbox One console. Mike Ybarra said that it’s not going to be held back by it’s older brother and any possible bottleneck which may arise be solely due to the developers.

Mike Ybarra also said confirmed that developers will have full control over the power the console will provide and there will be no limit to requirements which means limiting the frame rate.

Replying to a follower who said that there may need to be an equalizing factor for cross-console (xbox One to Scorpio) multiplayer, as there will be an advantage to the Scorpio owner in terms of frame per second. Ybarra replied:

As mentioned earlier, we don’t know a lot about the console as of yet. With its November 2017 release creeping up, we haven’t seen the final design of the console. While the developer kit had been shown off with a slew of cool features -some which the final product hopefully retains; like the FPS meter- we’re still looking at a non-finalized design.


It will be one hell of a run with the Scorpio, not only will there be actual competition to PCs other than exclusive titles, you will be able to actually compare PC and console graphics with Microsoft’s latest behemoth.

There will also be a slew of different games which we expect will launch close to Scorpio’s launch date; this may include Destiny 2 and Assassin’s Creed: origins.

What do you think about the Xbox Scorpio? Will it be a major competitor to the current generation PCs?

For more updates, stay tuned.