Vampyr Guide: Location of Rodney Grader


Here in this guide about location of Rodney Grader. We will see how to find him easily. Vampyr released in June this year. It has received good reviews. The game is dark and deals with supernatural powers, vampires and more such elements.

This action role-playing video game is developed by Dontnod Entertainment. Vampyr’s publisher is Focus Home Interactive. It is playable on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4. The main protagonist in the game is a newly turned vampire. Dr. Jonathan Reid has suddenly realised his undead condition. He is struggling in his decisions. He has to keep his Hippocratic Oath and also satisfy his bloodthirst. Vampyr is set during the 1918 Spanish flu in London.

There are plenty of side quests in the game in addition to the main story. You will come across citizens requiring your assistance and Rodney Grader is one such individual. He has killed a rival gang member but he is remorseful about his actions. He is terrified of the rival gang’s vengeance so he has hid himself in the sewers. You need to locate him to finish the quest but that is a bit tricky. This guide will show how to find him in the game.

Vampyr Guide: Location Of Rodney Grader

Go down to the Sewer Skal’s hideout where Old Bridget and co are hiding out. Go to the room where Harriet Jones is recovering. There are stairs beyond that room leading down to sewer tunnel. Follow the tunnel and turn right at the end to find a small cove. Rodney will be here. Now you know where is the Vampyr Rodney Grader location. Check out how to get recipe of Neuralgia treatment in Vampyr.