Virtual Reality meets Desktop in the Virtual Desktop 1.0 Trailer

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Virtual Desktopis an application that lets you use your desktop on a giant virtual screen.

Pretty amazing right? Imagine experiencing your everyday boring desktop in VR . Virtual Desktop 1.0 is compatible with HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. In the app you can adjust the viewing distance and the curvature of the screen. The curvature helps in easing up the text legibility. There is also a transparent option which basically removes the desktop wallpaper so that the desktop becomes one with the background. If you have a multi monitor setup then you will be able to see it all in VR. It includes various backgrounds and also includes an Environment Editor in using which one can create his / her own 360 panorama worlds. You can also play videos and games using this app in VR.

There are multiple video playing options like Theater mode or a 360 degree full video player in which you can watch movies in 360 degree.

It is to be officially released on March 28th 2016 via Steam. Check out the Virtual Desktop 1.0 trailer below to get a better idea of the app.

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