Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Grimoires Part 2

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We have listed out a set of Grimoires locations in our Warhammer-Vermintide 2 location of all Grimoires Part 1 guide. Here we will find out all about Warhammer-Vermintide 2 location of all Grimoires (Part 2). Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is developed by Fatshark for PC. It released on March 8, 2018. The game may soon be releasing for PS4 and Xbox One.

To get new and better gear, grimoires are the best way to do so. It allows you to open better loot boxes and chests during Renald’s Gift. However, the downside is that picking up grimoires reduces your overall health making the rest of the level more challenging so its a gamble. And you cannot even drop it. Hence, be sure to master the game before attempting to get better gear via grimoires. On that note, follow this guide to know the location of all grimoires in the game. This is Part 2 of the three guide series.

Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Grimoires Part 2


Be on the lookout when you reach Milizengrube. Head down the path beside a nearby wagon to find a jumping puzzle. Complete the puzzle and go above the wagon and across the street. Jump to the platform and go through the archway at the end to find the first grimoire in a crate. When you are above the market, look for a ladder on the side of a wagon next to a statue in the centre of the area. Climb it. Jump over to a platform on the other side and go through a hole underneath the statue. There will be a lever and a chest in the area you will find yourself in. Take the grimoire in the chest and pull the lever to go back to the market area.


Near the stairs leading down to Duraz Stromez, look for a scaffolding you can climb onto. Follow the path to a room in the back of the area. Find the crate in the room for the first grimoire. Continue through the mission till you reach the area where you have to pull a lever to extend the bridge. Pull the lever and go back to the start of the Kunchunkunchung area. Find a ladder leading down to a shaft to find a chest with the second grimoire.


When you reach the second settlement area, be on the lookout. Go up the road and enter the building to your right. Find an explosive barrel inside. Grab it, go into the basement and place it near a section of the wall in the back corner. Now, blow up the barrel to blow up the wall. Climb the ladder inside the broken wall to reach a chest with the first grimoire. For the second one, first you need to reach the area with the barn. Go to the courtyard and turn left. Climb up the ladder leading to a platform. Use the ladder there to climb up the building and jump over to the construction on the centre tower. Follow the platforms to reach the back area to find a chest with the second grimoire.


Near the stairs leading up to the von Finkelmann Residence, look for a three-storied building to the right and go in it. Find an explosive barrel inside and blow it up to reveal a grimoire on the other side. When you reach the area where you have to collect barrels, look for a two-storied house. Go to the back of the house. Jump via the series of carts and crates to get to a lamp pot. Jump to the lamp post to find the grimoire nearby.