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Watch Dogs 2 is an open world action adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game released on 15 Nov 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Played from a third-person perspective, the game is set in a fictionalized area of San Francisco Bay Area. Players control Marcus Holloway who is a hacker working with the group DedSec to take down the city’s surveillance system. Each successful assignment increases the follower count of DedSec.

Watch Dogs 2 ScoutX Locations

First up, what exactly is ScoutX? It is an app on Marcus’ smartphone which shows the city’s hotspot. A distance from the landmark appears on the phone and using that, the player must find the landmark. Once you find it, you get a certain number of followers. You will get a notification on the app if you are close enough to a landmark. Here are the locations

ScoutX in San Francisco

Fort Point

  • Ballet Photoshoots
  • Zombies
  • Wedding Professional Pictures
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Battery Godfrey

Fisherman’s Wharf

  • Ferry Arch
  • Pier 39 Sea Lions
  • Sea Lion Mural
  • The Crab
  • Living Statue
  • Bushman

Lombard Street

  • Lombard Street
  • Erhu Player
  • California Aberration
  • Chinatown Gate

Coit Tower

  • Digital Emperor
  • Coit Tower
  • The Parrots
  • Crab Man

Golden Gate Park

  • Murphy Windmill

Civic Center

  • Ukiyo-e
  • Kawaii Dancer
  • Peace Pagoda
  • Alive Mannequin

Nudle Park

  • Communities not Condos
  • Recycle Your Emails
  • Ubisoft San Francisco

Mission Delores Park

  • Love in Castro
  • The Castro Theatre
  • Drag Queen Doorman
  • Clarion Alley
  • Rabbit Business

Painted Ladies

  • Danski’s Graffiti
  • Body Paint Girl
  • Famous Fishnet Legs
  • Donut Guy
  • Garden of Peace & Love
  • Shoe Garden
  • Painted Ladies

San Bruno Mountain

  • Sutro Tower
  • Nudle 360 Mapper


  • Alcatraz Guide
  • Alcatraz

ScoutX in Marin

Point Bonita and Kirby Cove

  • Point Bonita Lighthouse
  • Battery Spencer
  • Golden Gate Bridge

Sausalito and The Gates Houseboats

  • Tree Houses
  • Rock Piling Artist

ScoutX in Oakland

Uptown Oakland

  • Flask Mob
  • Crazy Preacher

Downtown Oakland

  • Guadalupe in Woodland
  • Masked Musician

ScoutX in Silicon Valley

Crystal Springs

  • New Dawn Temple

Northern Silicon Valley

  • Tidis Building

Stanford University

  • Standford Tower

Nudle and Galilei

  • NudleLightbulb

ScoutX Rewards

And here are the rewards you get for finishing a set number of these challenges.

Landmarks Located – 3

  • Gesture Unlocked: Smiley

Landmarks Located – 10

  • Gesture Unlocked: Surfs up!

Landmarks Located – 15

  • Gesture Unlocked: Dayum!

Landmarks Located – 20

  • Gesture Unlocked: Smooth Operator

Landmarks Located – 30

  • Gesture Unlocked: Hey, girl!

Landmarks Located – 40

  • Gesture Unlocked: WTF

Landmarks Located – 50

  • Gesture Unlocked: Waterworks

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