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Watch Dogs 2 Guide: Unique Vehicles Locations

Watch Dogs 2 is an open world action adventure video game, set in a fictionalized area of San Francisco Bay Area. It  developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It released in Nov 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players control Marcus Holloway who is a hacker working with the group DedSec to take down the city’s surveillance system. Each successful assignment increases the follower count of DedSec.

There are many vehicles in the game. There are also unique and rare vehicles which Marcus needs to find to unlock the ‘A Ride To Remember’ achievement. This guide will show the locations of these rare vehicles (7 in total).

These unique vehicles will be highlighted via a blue bar icon on your minimap. It will appear when you are close enough to the vehicle. Here are the locations.

Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicles Locations

Ice Cube

  • Location: Lighthouse near the Golden Gate Bridge
  • How to Get there: Locate Kirby Grove on the top left of the map. Fast Travel to a Motocross Race nearby. Check the map for a dirt road to the left of Kirby Grove. Take this road to find the Ice Cube parked next to a tent.

Danger Mobile

  • Location: Island between San Francisco and Oakland.
  • How to Get there: Head on over to Yerba Buena Island. The Danger Mobile will be in the H shaped building you can see in the map. It will be in between two buildings. It has green gas billowing out the back of it.


  • Location: Port of Oakland and use your Quadcopter to scan the area.
  • How to Get there: At this location you will find a forklift next to a bunch of stacked shipping containers. You have to hack the nearby camera and use it to see the muscle car placed in an open container at the top of the pile. Next you have to hack the car, and then drive it off the top of the stack to land on the ground.

Mountain King

  • Location: Near your safehouse in Oakland.
  • How to Get there:This will be to the right of Lakeside Park on the map and near your HQ. At this place you will find an Auto Repair shop with a forklift truck outside. There is a gated yard behind the auto repair shop. Mountain King will be up the ramp in the yard.  Now hack the forklift. Then drive it up to the gates. With its help climb over into the yard and get the vehicle.

Flip Wagon

  • Location: North side of the park near the Painted Ladies.
  • How to Get there:To reach the location, go down an alley. Then you will find the nippy camera van on your right.

Rainbow Missile

  • Location: San Mateo near Silicon Valley
  • How to Get there:Get to San Mateo. Then get into the restricted garden. There you have to look out for a little red scooter. Take down the only guard present there and using the stun gun. The hack the junction box physically to unlock the gate. Now just get onto the scooter and ride away.

The Dangerzone

  • Location: Underground garages in the Silicon Valley (requires RC Jumper)
  • How to Get there:Get to the location which will be near the Nudle HQ. Then search the SVNR building which will be having a gate on the outside. You have to send the Jumper through this gate and then down into the garage. In the garage you will see a standard 4 by 4 vehicle which you need to take control. Then reverse into the wooden panel. This will break and you will find a physical hack box. Then use the RV to hack it. Open the garage door and take the RV jumper out to open the main garage doors. Once done, walk down the garage level. Then open the last door remaining and there you will find the The Dangerzone.

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