Watch Dogs 3 To Be Set in London?

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Watch Dogs 3 is heading over to London?

It’s been less than six months since Watch Dogs 2‘s release and the speculations of a sequel have already started. Ubisoft rolled out a patch recently that altered the ending of Watch Dogs 2.

The updated ending hinted a London setting for Watch Dogs 3. Ubisoft has laid out the DLC plans for Watch Dogs 2. All of them are set in San Francisco.

Kotaku reached out to Ubisoft regarding the speculations and this what they had to say:

The production team wanted to include a little something extra at the end of the campaign to expand the Watch Dogs lore and hint at the potential future of DedSec.

In addition to the updated ending, the patch also addressed issues, added new character customization items and prepared the game for the upcoming DLC.

Would you like a Watch Dogs game set in London? Share your opinion in the comments.

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