Why AirPods Have Been Delayed

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Apple has received a lot of criticism because of the fact that its AirPods have been delayed and Apple didn’t gave a satisfactory answer to that. But a report from WSJ has emerged which explains why the Apple AirPods has not roll out yet in market. They disclosed that tje is technical. And it is because of the fact that AirPods and the Bluetooth have an issue handling each other. They addressed by saying

A person familiar with the development of the AirPod said the trouble appears to stem from Apple’s effort to chart a new path for wireless headphones. In most other wireless headphones, only one earpiece receives a signal from the phone via wireless Bluetooth technology; it then transmits the signal to the other earpiece.

Also, Apple is also working what will happen if one of the earpiece dies or if you lost one of them.

Apple has said AirPod earpieces each receive independent signals from an iPhone, Mac or other Apple device. But Apple must ensure that both earpieces receive audio at the same time to avoid distortion, the person familiar with their development said. That person said Apple also must resolve what happens when a user loses one of the earpieces or the battery dies.