Windows 10 Threshold 2 Update Released


Microsoft released the largest update for Windows 10. The codename for the update is ‘Threshold 2’ but would show as version 10586 on your computer. The version can be seen by typing “winver” at the command prompt.

In case your Windows 10 upgrade was done within the last 31 days, the update Windows 10 Threshold 2 update will not be offered. This is to make sure that you have a roll back option to your previous Windows OS version.

But if you want the latest update on your system, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Windows 10 download page
  2. Click ‘upgrade’ button

Once the migration tool gets downloaded, this tool will do an in-place upgrade of the OS to its latest version. This will work similar to a new windows installation, so you will get the disclaimer for backup.

This upgrade is a massive one and brings about some significant enhancements. Some of these are highlighted here:

Threshold 2 will give a 30% performance boost compared to machines with identical hardware running on Windows 7.

New desktop colors and themes designed for Windows 10

Cortana will be able to detect and help you keep track of handwritten (using a pen input) notes. It can be very easy for storing phone numbers, email and addresses.

Full Skype Integration
After this update, it will be possible to send messages, audio recording and video calling from inside apps without launching the full Skype version.

Performance Boost and better security.

So the huge Windows 10 Threshold 2 update has a lot of new features to offer.

Microsoft’s next update for Windows 10 is codenamed as ‘Redstone’ and will be coming in 2016.