MIT Unveils Stunning Wireless VR Technology

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The "MoVR"
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Many gamers have dreamed about wireless VR since it would be a huge step in advancing the potential for immersion in virtual reality. The Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) shared in a news post that researchers at the Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) developed a prototype, dubbed “MoVR”, that makes cordless VR experiences a reality.

Wireless VR
The “MoVR”

“The ability to use a cordless headset really deepens the immersive experience of virtual reality and opens up a range of other applications”, said MIT professor Dina Katabi in the post. This innovative tech uses high-frequency radio signals which can transfer billions of bits per second. It then employs programmable mirrors that detect these signals and reconfigures them to reflect them onto receivers on VR headsets. The idea is to develop

The idea is to further develop this wireless VR tech to be as small as a smartphone and work with multiple headsets simultaneously.