World Of Tanks for PS4 coming on January 19

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After completing a couple of rounds of beta-testing, World Of Tanks is finally ready for prime-time and will hit the PS4 console next week on January 19.


Published and developed by Wargaming, the full launch of World Of Tanks for PS4 is scheduled to take place on January 19 and gamers won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play it. This game also supports trophies and RemotePlay with PS Vita.


However, having a PS Plus subscription has a very good advantage. Gamers having a PS Plus subscription will get access to the German Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.J-PS premium tank which comes with its own garage slot and three extra premium days. Also, gamers purchasing this game and playing it before the end of Jan will get the American T1E6-PS tank which won’t be available following the end of Jan.


This game is available on both the new consoles, as well as on PC.