It Wouldn’t Be the Same Company If Vivendi Took Over says Ubisoft VP

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There have been many issues with Ubisoft and Vivendi in the past over the ownership of the company and it seems like Vivendi is making its final moves on the Assassin’s Creed Franchise.

Recently a new statement by Ubisoft’s VP of live actions Anne Blondel published by PCGamesN explaining if Vivendi took over, the company wouldn’t be the same as it used to be.

The thought I have is that I have been [here], with Ubisoft, for 20 years, and I know what made us so successful for 30 years, is being super independent, being very autonomous. [On] sales, well sometimes we take a lot of risk, you think about The Crew, that was a risk. People would look at that like, ‘maybe it’s not going to work, another racing game, what are you thinking?’ Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, all those kinds of titles.

I think that’s what makes Ubisoft so different, and personally speaking, I think this is what we are. This is what we want to remain, it’s what has made us successful and been able to deliver the type of games we’ve been delivering for 30 years.

So far so good, I would say, because gamers are still [with us] and I know for a fact, having been there for 20 years, that if you [separate] us from our independence, if you take away the way we like taking risk and inventing new stuff, well it’s not going to be the same Ubisoft – for me, it wouldn’t be the same.

It is unclear what exactly is the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise or Ubisoft for that matter, whether it is a good thing or disastrous we will see in the future.