WWE 2K17 Guide: Achievements Guide Part 5

WWE 2K17 Guide: Achievements Guide Part 5

2K Sports’ WWE 2K17 released for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game is a very realistic professional wrestling video game and is developed Yuke’s and Visual Concepts.

This WWE 2K17 achievements guide will show how to unlock every achievement in the game. The achievements  guide is written for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. It may not be the same for the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game.

WWE 2K17 Achievements Guide Part 5

This is the 5th and final part of the achievements guide.

Vampire night (15)

Complete an exhibition match at night time. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Follow the steps to unlock this achievement.

  1. Select a One on One match, Wrestlemania 31 and Night when prompted.
  2. Play the match.

Giant spear (15) – Secret

Execute a Big E Spear. (Single play)

Follow the steps to unlock this achievement.

  1. Start a One on One match. Play as Big E and set your opponent as Bo Dallas.
  2. Have a finisher ready.
  3. Grab your target and hold the left and right stick simultaneously and push the target into the ropes.
  4. An OMG prompt will appear. Do that and unlock this achievement.

Lesnar Conquer (15)

Perform Suplex city with Brock Lesnar and win that match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Play a One on One match as Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman as manager. Gain momentum in the match until you get a signature ready. Use Irish Whip to throw your opponent onto the ropes When he comes back, hit the button for the signature Suplex City move. Win the match then.

Suplex City (30) – Secret

With Lesnar, ‘German Suplex 4’ or ‘Back Suplex 2’ 10 times in a single match. (Single play)

Play One on One match as Brock Lesnar and combine this with the previous achievement to save time. From behind the opponent, grapple your opponent and hit the German Suplex 4. Then, from behind the opponent, perform a back suplex 2. Stun the enemy with punches, turn him around and hit the required number of suplexes to get the achievement.

Can’t hunt the Beast! (15) – Secret

Successfully perform 200 reversals with Brock Lesnar. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Follow the steps to unlock this achievement.

  1. Turn Reversal Limit off under Gameplay Settings.
  2. Play as Brock Lesnar and your opponent as Roman Reigns.
  3. Wait for his attacks and perform reversals.

Matchmaker (15)

Win in 20 match variations. (Single play)

The combination of game and rule type make the variations in the Play Menu. Play each of the variations the game offers.

Locker room rat (15)

Complete a match with 50 different Superstars. (Single play)

The description is self-explanatory. Play matches with 50 superstars. To rush through a match, either get counted out or get disqualified though you will earn less VC.

Bronze Age (15)

WWE Online – Earn a Bronze medal. (WWE Live, 2K Tonight)

Each online match you play in awards you with Prestige points that contribute to your level. There are three medals – Bronze, Silver And Gold. Just keep playing online matches, filling the prestige meter and you will get this achievement.

On a silver platter (30)

WWE Online – Earn a Silver medal. (WWE Live, 2K Tonight)

Golden Boy (30)

WWE Online – Earn a Gold medal. (WWE Live, 2K Tonight)

Teamwork is fun (15)

Win a Team Up match.

This is a 3 versus 3 team match. You need a team of three friends for this. After you have assembled your team, you need to look for an opponent team. So, a total of six friends is required for this purpose.

Tonight is the night (15)

Win the main event in 2K Tonight.

2K Tonight is the game’s primary online multiplayer game mode. You must win each match type to unlock the next 33. The count resets daily so you’ll need to finish it all in a day. After you win a match type, Quit and go on to the unlocked match type. The final match might be a ladder match. Win that match and unlock this achievement.

Keeping it together (15)

Create a new Group logo.

Follow the steps to unlock this achievement.

  1. Select attire in your superstars section.
  2. Add any piece of clothing onto your superstar and choose Logo.
  3. Select Group Logos and pick any image.

This is my yard (15)

Create a show that uses a custom arena and an imported logo for its show logo.

Follow the steps to unlock this achievement.

  1. Create a Logo as described in the previous achievement or download one from Community Creations.
  2. Create an arena or download one.
  3. Select Show in the Creations section and select New.
  4. Select your Custom arena then.
  5. Pick the Show Logo box. Select your custom logo.

Fashion leader (15)

Use a custom Championship and win a match. (Single play)

Follow the steps to unlock this achievement.

  1. Download a custom championship from Community Creations.
  2. Set up a One on One match with any two Superstars.
  3. Change the match to Title match with your custom championship.
  4. Win the match.

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