Xbox One Defeats PlayStation 4 In Black Friday Sale

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Seems like Microsoft is gaining back its position as reports show that Xbox One has defeated PlayStation 4 during Black Friday sale. Since the launch of next generation consoles, PlayStation 4 has remained at top but it seems things are changing now.

The report came from Adobe, who revealed the top five best-selling brand/products. The report was for online sale and showed top 5 products which are as follow:

  1. iPads
  2. Samsung’s 4K TVs
  3. MacBook Air
  4. LG TVs
  5. Xbox Consoles

Though it didn’t mention where PS4 was listed in the list but still it isn’t in the top 5 which clearly shows Xbox outperformed PlayStation.

Mike Nichols, Xbox marketing executive also revealed that that the demand for Xbox hardware is getting strong day by day and Xbox Live Engagement was also strong.