The Xbox One is Not, In Fact, Performing Better than the PS4

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A significant fuzz was stirred up yesterday due to a tweet from Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg in which he celebrates the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in the United States in September, making that the third month in a row Microsoft’s system comes out on top.



Greenberg went on to make several tweets using confident hashtags such as #Momentum and #DontCallItAComeback. He doesn’t know it, but he’s right – don’t call it a comeback. The Xbox One only had a surge in popularity because of the upgraded Xbox One S which released in August. A new system will always generate a boost in units moved, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll last.

The prime competitor, Sony, released a new version of the PS4 also in August, but the decidedly underwhelming PS4 Slim is just a PS4 replacement instead of a real upgrade. Therefore, previous PS4 owners won’t be interested in it, as opposed to Microsoft’s upgrade where the more you love to play Xbox One, the more you’ll want the new version. The real Xbox One S competitor is the PS4 Pro which releases in November. Only if Microsoft comes out on top in November Greenberg’s team will have earned those hashtags.