Xbox Scorpio Update; Integrated Power Supply and 4K DVR Support

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The upcoming Microsoft beast the Xbox Scorpio will feature a massive ramp up in hardware specs and performance compared to its predecessor. It will feature an integrated power supply unit (no more massive bricks) and will support DVR (game recording) at native 4k resolution.

These reports are based off of Windowscentral sources; the website also reported that Xbox Scorpio will be able to stream in 4k resolution as well.

Taken from the windowscentral article:

In Microsoft’s efforts to make Project Scorpio a true 4K system, it will also feature HEVC and VP9 codecs for decoding 4K streams for things such Netflix, just like the Xbox One S. It will also leverage HEVC for encoding 2160p, 60 frame-per-second (FPS) video for Game DVR and streaming.

Microsoft’s Beam streaming service has been running public 4K stream tests for some time, and it’s now fair to assume it will not only be PC streamers who will benefit. Project Scorpio’s Game DVR will allow you to stream and record clips in 4K resolution with 60FPS, according to our sources, which is a massive, massive step up from the 720p, 30FPS you get on the current Xbox One.

The Xbox Scorpio is probably going to be released this year and is possibly going to be announced at E3 this year.