XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Here we are with XCOM 2 tips and tricks. XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen is an expansion pack for XCOM 2, the 2016 game. Firaxis Games developed the game and it was and published by 2K games for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here in this guide you will find some XCOM 2 tips and tricks for beginners. The expansion pack was released on 29 Aug 2017. The expansion pack makes changes to the campaign’s structure and adds new enemies, new hero characters, modifiers and more behaviors for characters.

Newbies to the game may have difficulty in grasping the game’s mechanics and how to excel in the game. So, this guide will provide a few handy XCOM 2 tips and tricks for beginners to the game.

XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Tips And Tricks For Beginners

First, what is new in this expansion XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen pack?

There are three Chosen enemies now – Hunter, Assassin and Warlock. And these three are not in collusion either. They want to claim Earth for themselves, so you will fighting with only one Chosen faction at a time.

You cannot let any of these factions capture your soldiers or else they will interrogate him/her and get the Avenger location. This will propel the enemy to lead out an all-out assault against the Avenger and it will be extremely difficult for you to protect it. And if you are not able to protect the Avenger, you will end the game. There are three types of Chosen troops.

Here are the Chosen Troops in XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen

These employ incendiary grenades and flamethrowers. So, don’t get very close and fire from a distance. When they are about to die, keep away as they explode upon death causing splash damage.

They use magnetic rifles and Psionic powers to attack from range and bolster their troops respectively. The priest has the ability to return with a special shield power from the verge of death. That makes them tricky to finish off.

They can ambush units from a distance with sniper rifles so be on the lookout in open areas and also have quick reflexes and can vanish when they wish. They can stunlock using the Shadowblind ability and they are can also make a shadow copy of an XCOM soldier.

New enemy type – the Lost

You also need to lookout for a new enemy type – the Lost. These are a zombies. They will attack Chosen troops and XCOM troops both. They cannot be defeated so it is best to stay away from them. Use grenades to lead them to the location of Chosen troops.

XCOM 2 tips and tricks on how to kill the Chosen troops

Now, here are a few tips on how to kill the Chosen troops. First, the Resistance Ring facility needs to be built so that Covert Actions can be unlocked. Complete all three of the Hunt Covert Actions. This will reveal the location of a Citadel of a Chosen faction. Then invade the Citadel and destroy that faction’s Regenerative Sarcophagus meaning that they will stay dead. You earn unique rewards for doing this.
Hunter – Pistol and Sniper rifle.
Assassin – Blade and Shotgun.
Warlock – Psi amp and Assault rifle.

Three new powerful factions

You can also recruit three new powerful factions. These in turn can be helpful in fighting against a specific faction of the Chosen. These are the Reapers, Templars and Skirmishers factions. These factions are spread out in the globe and you need to help them through Covert Mission actions to enhance your standing with them. Committing yourself to one faction decreases your standing with others so you can effectively use only one faction as your ally. Here are their respective strengths.

Reaper Faction
They have a powerful sniper rifle that is accurate at a distance. And they also have special abilities allowing them to hide and not get caught after they kill an enemy with a single shot. They can also self-destruct cars and lay claymores.

Templar Faction
They can build up their focus to attack with an area of effect and can also exchange locations with enemies with the Exchange ability, giving a tactical advantage. They also have a Parry skill which can draw fire from enemy troops. Combine this with their Deflect skill to totally avoid enemy fire.

Skirmisher Faction
They have a Grappling Hook which can be used as a free action. Using this, they can get the jump on enemies with ease. Their melee attacks have a high chance of stunning the target and with the Battlelord ability, they can perform an action after each enemy action.

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