XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Guide: Infirmary And Training Centre

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This guide is explains XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Infirmary And Training Centre. Firaxis Games developed XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen and 2K games published it for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  The expansion pack makes changes to the campaign’s structure and adds new enemies, new hero characters, modifiers and more behaviors for characters.

Two new room types to build in this game are the Infirmary and the Training Centre, taking the place of Advanced Warfare Centre in the original game. This guide will explain the functions of these two new rooms in the game.

XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Infirmary And Training Centre

The build priority of the Infirmary is medium unless you are playing with Iron Man enabled. This room speeds up the healing process of your troops. Staff an engineer here to double the process of healing which is a good strategy. Book soldiers in the infirmary to treat negative traits they may have picked up from the battlefield like Fatigue. These traits require 5 days to be removed and take longer if a soldier has multiple negative traits.

The Infirmary can be upgraded with 80 supplies and 2 power. This gets you a Hypervital Module, which can be used at a cost of 1 Elerium Core to instantly restore a soldier to full combat effectiveness, removing any wounds or tiredness. But, after the mission, the soldier will revert back to the injured, tired or both states. This module can be used just once per soldier in the entire game so make your decision wisely.

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The build priority of the Training Centre is low. But build it anyways. You spend Ability Points (AP) here. Spend AP in the training centre on soldiers to instantly get the effects without the soldier having to be unavailable. You also manage level 2 and 3 bonds here. The bond formation process has a separate guide. You can check it out for more information on the bond system.

You can also retrain a soldier’s abilities within their current class allowing you to reconfigure the soldier’s abilities. But retraining requires five days per soldier. Also, any XCOM AP spent from the communal pot will not be refunded. Consider doing this only when you are in dire straits or when you are recruiting a brand new soldier who has the exact same build as the current one.