Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chests Locations Guide

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In this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chests locations article, we will talk about how one of the types of treasure troves in the game are Golden Chests. There aren’t too many and they have a high chance of dropping a rare core crystal so it is recommended to find all of them. They help unlock rare blades which makes life in the game much easier. This guide will show the locations of these chests in the game.

XC2, published by Nintendo, features a new world and it also has new characters. It is a sequel to the first game Xenoblade Chronicles. The game was out on Dec 1, 2017. Developed by Monolith Soft, XC2 is available for the Nintendo Switch console. The game’s protagonist is Rex who along with his friend Pyra, search the world for Elysium which is the ultimate paradise for humanity.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chests Locations Guide

First one is in the Dawnview Grotto. It is in the far west of the upper level right area in Gormott Province. It is near the lake at Twin Trunks Hill. You will have to climb on top of one of the giant trees and then go through the cave behind the shack. Now, look left to find the chest.

Next one is at Pelza’s Suice. Go to the Kingdom Of Uraya, to the Stomach Area. South of the Cobalt Cliffs, by a lake with a stone dam lies the chest. It is just right of the large gate in the stone wall.

Another one is in the Leftherian Archipelago. On a small island east of Daram Isle near the Salvage Point in Rigitte Waters lies this chest.

There is another one in Gormott. First, you will have to drain the toxic sewage infesting the farmland in the east area of the town. Now, go to Torigoth Base Entrance and go north past the hut. Jump down and look in the drained canal to find this chest.

Now, go to the middle area of the Upper Level Right map near the Traveller’s Resting Tree waypoint. Now, go west. Jump off the cliff and look back when you reach the bottom. A cave in the cliff behind you houses the chest.

For the next chest, you need to make sure it is high tide. Go to Outlook Knoll which is a waypoint in the southwest area of the Upper Level Right area of the Gormott Province. Jump off the southern cliff and swim to the north. There will be a small island with a golden chest on it.

Another one is in the Kingdom Of Uraya. Go to the Tardy Gate waypoint in the stomach area and go southeast from there. Go into Badfella’s Cave Fort which has tough enemies around level 78-79 so you will need to get this chest later in the game. Next to the throne of Demon King Gilbert is this chest, guarded by some enemies.

There is also a chest in the Olethro Playhouse. This is a theatre in the Olethro Ruins in the Kingdom Of Uraya. Once in the theatre, climb up the stairs to the isolated throne. The chest is behind it and you will need lockpicking skill at level 3 atleast to unlock it. That’s all about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chests locations. You may also like to read Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Overdrives Protocols Locations guide.