Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest True Colours Guide

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Here we are focusing on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 side quest True Colours. In the True Colours side quest, at a certain point, you will need a rare item called the Tricolour Rock. It can be hard to find and hence this guide will show how to find it in the game. XC2, published by Nintendo features a new world, having new characters. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a direct sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles. XC2 is Monolith Soft’s game and it was released on Dec 1, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch console. The game’s protagonist is Rex who along with his friend Pyra, search the world for Elysium which is the ultimate paradise for humanity.

In this sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, the protagonist is Rex and his new friend Pyra. These two are looking for the world for Elysium. Elysium is the ultimate paradise for humanity. The game is set in a place which looks like an ocean of clouds. This ocean has Titans. They are the colossal beasts, on whose back can be seen the remains of the civilization. Rex lives on a Titan which he named as Gramps.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest True Colours Guide

To start the quest, go to the Kingdom Of Uraya and go to the capital city Fonsa Myma. Go to the commercial district. There, climb up the tower at the south and talk to Dobran the painter. She will basically ask you to fetch some rare ingredients for her painting. Here is what she will require – six lumps of Tricolour Rock and four pieces of Crustip Chitin. Both can be found in the same region and the Chitins are dropped by Krim Crustips. You can find Tricolor Rocks in collection points in the region.

South of Cobalt Cliffs in the Stomach area you can find Krim Crustips. Kill the ones at the bottom, teleport back and come back again to make them respawn. Keep killing them till you have enough Crustip Chitins.

For the Tricolour Rock, teleport to the Stone Gate Ruins in the southwest region. Go south and go to an elevated plateau to the right. Dig up the collection point near the outcrop. Teleport back to the Stone Ruins and come back to make it respawn. Collect till you have enough.

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