Xiaomi Linux Laptops To Be Released In 2016

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Xiaomi, which is one of the largest smartphone maker company, is about to launch two Linux laptops in 2016. The laptops may be out in the market by early 2016. It is said that the company has placed large laptop orders to two Inventec Corp. and Compal Electronics.

Richard Lee, Inventec chairman, announced the partnership during the 12th Cross-Taiwan Strait conference which took place last month. The Cross-Taiwan Strait conference is held to discuss the  standards for IT. He also said that Xiaomi is counting on its large customers base and hopes that they will buy and like the Xiaomi Linux Laptops as well.

Once Xiaomi launches its laptop line, it have to compete with those already established laptop brands. The laptops will be Linux based and reported to be about 12.5 inches and 13.3 inches.