Yooka-Laylee Guide: Ghost Writers In Capital Cashino

Yooka-Laylee Guide Ghost Writers In Capital Cashino

Yooka-Laylee is an open world game for PC, PS4, Mac, Linux and Xbox One. A Kickstarter game, it is developed by Playtonic Games and released on 11th April 2017. In the game, two characters, Yooka and Laylee, take a journey to fight and overthrow corporate villain Capital B. Here we will find out about Yooka-Laylee Ghost Writers In Capital Cashino.

There are 5 ghost writers in each of the game’s worlds. This guide will show the locations of the ghost writers in Capital Cashino.

Yooka-Laylee Ghost Writers In Capital Cashino


He is hiding under an overhang in a corner on the close end of the house of cards.


Unlock the expansion. Now, go to the far right of the casino. Break the glass and find this ghost inside the disco section.


On the spinning roulettes. Chase it down.


On top of the structure near the golf course. Hit it with a sonar pulse.


Unlock the expansion. Go to the left side of the casino. Go through the puzzle using icy shot. Hop down using the platforms to reach this ghost. Hit him with icy shots.

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