Your Ultimate Guide to WoW Leveling

Your Ultimate Guide to WoW Leveling

What is leveling in World of Warcraft, and how can it help you create a robust character in the upper levels of the game? Learn more in this WoW leveling guide.

Patch 7.3.5 turned World of Warcraft leveling on its head. With new scaling and experience changes, everything takes longer than before. Then, with patch 8.0.1, Blizzard removed several remaining ways to level effectively.

Now, if you want to level quickly, a World of Warcraft leveling guide is your best option. It seems nobody is quite sure how to get by now that dungeon runs aren’t worth your time.

But with the right WoW leveling advice, you’ll shave tens of hours off the grind. This World of Warcraft leveling guide will cover the entire leveling experience from level 1 to 120.

1. WoW Leveling Preparation

You should first prepare your equipment and unlocks before starting the leveling process. It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll save time in the long run. Skip this section if you don’t already have a character at max level.

The first advice of any WoW leveling guide is this: Get your heirlooms. Once you’ve decided on a class to level, buy the respective armor, weapons, and trinkets. You can pay gold or use specific event currencies to upgrade these items to a higher level cap.

You should also purchase the heirloom flight master books if you haven’t already. There are two books, one for Kalimdor and the other for Eastern Kingdoms. Using this item will unlock every flight path on these continents for your new character.

And that can save you a significant amount of travel time, especially since you won’t have access to a mount early on.

Now you’re ready for the grind. If you want a brief breakdown on some fast leveling options, you should check out this WoW leveling guide instead.

2. Levels 1-60

Due to new level scaling, you can level in nearly any zone in the first two continents. However, it’s in your best interest to stay in the surrounding starter areas.

These zones were designed without mounts in mind. This means quest hubs tend to be closer together, which will save you hours of time. Choose the zones you know best and avoid leaving your race’s starter area unless you can travel quickly.

When you stop by your faction’s main capital, be sure to activate War Mode. War Mode offers a free 10% to 30% additional experience. The catch is you’ll remain flagged for PVP, but odds are you won’t stumble into any danger at this level.

Be sure to pick up mining and herbalism, as you’ll gain experience whenever you gather a node. This can really add up over time. You can also take archeology for an additional boost, but don’t go out of your way to grind any of these professions.

3. Levels 60-80

Starting at level 60, you’ll have to move into either Outland or Northrend. Outland is currently the oldest questing content in the game — and it shows.

Level up exclusively in Northrend and avoid Outland at all costs. While leveling through Northrend, avoid Stormpeaks and Icecrown until later. You need flying to navigate these zones effectively, which you can’t unlock until level 68.

Nagrand is the best choice if you must level in Outland, followed by Zangarmash. You shouldn’t run dungeons throughout this level bracket, but they can be worthwhile if you have their quests beforehand.

4. Levels 81-90

You have many options while leveling in the 81 to 90 bracket. This includes the entirety of Cataclysm and Pandaria content. Some zones have a significant amount of travel time and cutscenes, like Vashj’ir.

It’s best to stick to the easier starter zones in the expansion. These include Mount Hyjal and the Jade Forest. From here, you can transition into either Deepholm or the Valley of the Four Winds.

The choice is yours, although Deepholm tends to offer a more convenient questing experience.

5. Levels 91-100

Unlike the previous level brackets, you no longer have two choices of continents. You must level through Warlords of Draenor zones.

When you unlock your garrison in the first zone, purchase an Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning. This will provide a 20% experience bonus. It’s easy to get enough garrison resources to purchase as many as you need.

Prioritize hidden treasures as you level, as opening one will give you a significant chunk of experience. You can throw down a Guild Standard beforehand and increase this experience gain.

Consider unlocking Warlords of Draenor pathfinding for an easier time questing and farming treasures.

6. Levels 100-110

Legion content scaled on release — and it still does. You can level in any zone you choose, and in any order. However, that’s not the fastest way to level.

Always keep an eye on your map for Legion invasions. These provide the most amount of experience in this bracket.

If you’re feeling burnt out, you can get through the entire expansion by doing invasions alone. Just log in while they’re up and then knock them out. Otherwise, quest wherever you like. The zones are streamlined, so it’s hard to say that any are better than the rest.

7. Levels 110-120

Battle for Azeroth offers three unique zones based on your faction. You should progress through each zone to its completion. That’s because you want to afford Stormsong Valley and Nazmir since these zones are slower than the others.

As you level, be on the lookout for faction invasions. They’re a good source of experience and give a 10% experience buff for an hour.

Lastly, it’s best to avoid the War Campaign until your at level 119. That’s because you can finish them all at once at this level. That’s better than wasting time traveling back and forth.

Remember to Have Fun

Every player wants something a little different. Some players hate WoW leveling and want to fly through it as fast as possible. Others don’t mind taking their time.

Don’t enjoy the most efficient way to level? Then don’t do it. Remember to explore the content you enjoy, even if it’s not the fastest.

However, that doesn’t mean a WoW leveling guide isn’t helpful. It can still remind you of equipment, quests, and achievements that can make things a bit easier. If you’ve found this guide helpful, be sure to stay in the know by checking out the rest of our gaming content.