Splatoon 2 Guide: How to Defeat Octo Shower

Splatoon 2 Guide

Splatoon 2 developed by Nintendo. This team-based third-person shooter video game is playable on Nintendo Switch. 8 players can play in an online 4 vs. 4 battle. Splatoon 2 released on 21 July 2017. Players control characters known as Inklings and use coloured link to attack opponents and clear goals. Here we will see how to defeat Octo Shower.

This is the fourth and penultimate boss fight in the game, the Octo Shower. This guide will show how to defeat this boss in the game.

Splatoon 2 Guide: How to Defeat Octo Shower

The boss immediately attacks once the fight starts. Fire a shot using your Hero Charger and ink away from the red laser that the boss uses to aim. Do not get hit by his opening attack or else the fight will be over before it even starts.

Target your ink on the central tower and then Ink the side of the central tower. Then with the help of the squid form to swim to the top. Take down one of the three Octocopters carrying the Octo Shower. If you are quick, you can take down two. Once the boss retreats, go down and make your way up to the pillar next of it. Repeat the same thing. Take aim at the octocopter and attack it. Take down all three octocopters to make the boss crash to the floor exposing its tentacle. Attack it to finish phase one.

Phase two sees you needing to destroy four Octocopters instead of three. Escape the rapid fire cannon attacks. Throw a Curling Bomb and use the ink left behind to cover from this attack. Climb the tower closest to the boss and attack the Octocopters. Once the boss crashes after you have defeated the four octocopters, the tentacle will be exposed. Shoot the exposed tentacle. Keep in mind that once you destroy an octocopter, the boss will incorporate a new linear attack so avoid it.

Phase three will begin. The boss becomes more aggressive and four rocket octocopters will now carry the boss. Avoid their attacks as much as you can and reach a good vantage point to shoot down the octocopters. Destroy the four octocopters and when the boss crashes, shoot his exposed tentacle to finish the fight.

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Splatoon 2 Guide: How to Defeat Octo Shower August 4, 2017
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